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The Elite Clubs National League

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The ECNL is an independent, non-profit, member-based 501(c)(3) organization, with an independent governance and leadership structure. The ECNL Board of Directors and staff solely governs all programs and platforms. The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer.

The Elite Clubs National League, Inc. (“ECNL”) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of the female youth soccer players in the United States through:

  • Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league with multiple flights;
  • Improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and
  • Improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs.

The goal of the Elite Clubs National League is to change the landscape for elite female soccer players in the United States through innovative, player-centered programming and to enhance the overall experience by creating a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach, and club development model.

The ECNL is led by a Board of Directors elected by the member clubs. Day-to-day operations are managed by the ECNL Commissioner. The ECNL has four primary platforms:


The ECNL: A New Era

  • The Competition Platform

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  • The Player Identification Platform

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  • The Club and Coach Development Platform

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  • The H.E.R. Platform

    (a female-specific “Health & Education Resources” Platform).
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Texas Conference:

Solar Soccer Club | Albion Hurricanes FC | Challenge SC | Classics Elite | DKSC | Oklahoma Celtic| Sting Austin | Sting Dallas | TSC Hurricane

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