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The US Youth Soccer Frontier Development League is under the banner of the Frontier Conference, one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer National League in the Multi-State Tier. The Frontier Development League consists of teams primarily from Oklahoma, North Texas and South Texas.

Developed in 2018, the Frontier Development League (FDL) formed as a club-based league to address the needs — namely, player pool depth and development, staffing, and college recruiting — of clubs within the former U.S. Soccer Girls Development Academy. The FDL continues to serve the needs of clubs within the Frontier Conference by providing a highly competitive, stable and consistent platform with opportunities into other USYS competitions, including the National League Showcase Series.

  • The primary league competition features 13 regionally aligned National League Conferences that operate team-based and club-based leagues while providing a qualification pathway to...
    • the current season's USYS Regional Championships
    • the next seasonal year of National League P.R.O.
  •  National League P.R.O. (Player. Recruitment. Opportunity.) serves as the competitive national league format in which teams compete for direct advancement to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships. Teams earn their place into National League P.R.O. each season through their performance in the Conferences. 
  • The National League Showcase Series provides opportunities for more teams to participate in showcases that match up similar teams from varying areas of the country in a national platform.

75,000+ PLAYERS in the National League

3,500+ TOTAL TEAMS across all National League Conferences

1,000+ CLUBS with teams in the National League

300 DIVISIONS across all National League Conferences

15,000+ GAMES scheduled in a seasonal year

15 SEASONS of National League competition (2021-22)

  • 77 USYS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS claimed by National League teams*
  • 15 U.S. NATIONAL TEAM PLAYERS who played in the National League*

*Counting only teams and players who have played in the national tier of competition within the National League

Girls FDL



A pathway for every team
Teams first have a chance to earn their place in the National League Conferences. From there, they have the opportunity to earn promotion within their Conference (where applicable), as as well as advancement to National League P.R.O., the USYS Regional Championships and the USYS National Championships.

Meaningful games
Every National League game can impact the journey of the teams, many of whom have common aspirations and are competing for advancement to some of the top competitions in US Youth Soccer. Meaningful games between teams that have earned their place, and are each looking to advance on a common competitive path, provides an excellent environment that promotes development while testing both players and coaches.

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