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Welcome to Solar Tryouts. Our tryouts are open to the ages of 2019-2006 (U6-U19). By participating in our tryouts, you can show your skills, receive feedback from our experienced coaches, and potentially join our team. To register for our tryouts, simply fill out the registration form on this page. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation mail with more details about the tryouts. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our contact page, we are here to help you.

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Why Solar Soccer



We nurture and inspire our players within our Solar SC Development System and in accordance with US Soccer’s curriculum, we strive for our learning environment to be reality-based.

All Solar SC players have common characteristics in their approach to the game, demonstrated through confidence, mental toughness, and tactical knowledge. Every club member also values the importance of conduct on and off the field.


  • We encourage our players TO MOTIVATE & INSPIRE

  • Soccer framework for players and families

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