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Team/Player Sponsorships

Solar Soccer Club has a commitment to the community to uphold the highest standards in development and training of our youth while minimizing costs for our families. Some players must rely on support from local businesses for additional funding so that every child who has a desire to learn can have the opportunity to play. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your sponsorship donation may be tax deductible.

Thank you again for your consideration and support to the youth and families of Solar SC. Please make all sponsorship donations payable to Solar SC. Send donation with this completed form to Solar Soccer Club 107 Suncreek Dr. Suite 300 Allen, Tx 75013

Fundraising Opportunities

American Airlines Center Fundraising Opportunity


Solar Soccer Club is providing an opportunity for you as a parent to earn money for dues, uniforms, tournaments, traveling expenses, and other soccer related expenses. This opportunity is primarily for individual fund raising.

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You can work concessions during events that are held at American Airlines Center. These events include Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks, games. These also include concerts, ice shows, rodeos, and the circus.

You must be TABC certified. TABC stands for Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. This certification is good for two (2) years. You must also complete a 15 minute online LEVY training. LEVY is the food corporation that runs the concession stands. The last thing you must do is complete the American Airlines Center Training. These trainings are held once a month and are limited on the number of people that can attend. You will need to let Joel Loeb know when you wish to attend. The easiest and quickest way is to complete the LEVY training, come to the monthly meeting and complete your TABC and American Airlines training at the same time. You are then ready to work the next day. The TABC training costs $15.00.

Monthly funds earned vary depending on the number of times you work and the individual events. An average event pays $50.00. This is for 4-5 hours of work. Most of the time the amount is more than $50.00. Each volunteer is expected to work all types of events, regardless of payout. Based on ability to work the events, each volunteer is capable of raising the funds necessary to satisfy their soccer fees.

Checks are issued about 45 days following the month of the event. For example, February checks will be issued the second week of March. It is important to work well enough in advance of the traveling expenses or tournaments for which you are trying to earn money. This way, the money will be available prior to the time the money is needed. The checks are issued by Parents for Players and made out to the player's team.

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